Media & Entertainment
Unique & patented AI solutions
for neural voice production using our
premier NLSS synthetic voices
* NLSS = Natural Language Speech Synthesis TTS *
Dubbing - Multilingually!
The Voice of Your Choice!™ Make it say what you want, how you want (in sync!) … and in the language you want! Celebrities and talents speaking languages they never learned.
Restore Damaged or Missing Voices
Precious voice segments irreparably damaged or gone? No problem! We reproduce them using models built from available recordings. High quality in any format – film, tape, disc, or digital media. The scratchy voice in your audio track, remastered to the highest quality standards.
Scratch Tracks for Voice-Overs
While editing multimedia productions, generate temporary versions of any voice segments. Match the voice to your production. Get the timing, rhythm, volume, and feel right – right now! Save time and future edits.
The greatest ever media focus
the magic of NLSS AI
Dub and Localize Voices Better with
Speech Morphing’s patented, cost-effective AI voice production solutions speed your voice creation, restoration, and dubbing – even across languages! Content creators: Boost your turnaround time for studio localization of audio tracks without sacrificing accuracy and quality – and transport well-known voices across language barriers!
Click to visit our talent samplers studio, where you can explore the array of our expo proposed performances to choose from for your next custom NLSS neural synthesized voice.

Complement that with your preferred choice of the appropriate attitude for your voice.
* NLSS = Natural Language Speech Synthesis TTS *
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