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Welcome to Speech Morphing, Inc.
The Voice Works™
Premier voice synthesis productions
Quick Time to Market
Custom-made or catalog voices for brands and situational context. Quick and affordable.
Multilingual Voices
Company branded voices. Created in one
language, speaks many.
Full Control
Modular design and explicit prosody training. Most tunable voices and state-of-the-art tools for best experience.
Coming soon...
Create Your Own!
the self-recording page where you can create your own voices & take advantage
of the smartest, most talented voice engine Morphitron™.
Soon to come for sampling
Smorph™ Voice Catalogue
Coming soon... Peruse the Smorph™ catalogue of Speechmorphing's ready-to-use voices.
Smorph Voice On-Demand™
Speechmorphing's Smorph Voice On-Demand™ service leverages deep neural networks for natural language speech synthesis. Its patented modular design and explicit prosody training approach enable fast voice creation and more human-like expressive (multi-toned) and natural text-to-speech for unique brand persona and context-based tonality. Using branded voice is a great way to strengthen companies' brands and extend an established, trusted relationship to new voice-based products and services.
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Our Company
Meet the Team.. coming soon
Smorph™ Catalogue.. coming soon
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San Jose, CA 95128